Automatic Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine


~For t-shirt bag purpose
~High speed: 440 bags per minute for t-shirt bag with printed logo
~To work in double line

Main Features:


1) To heat seal and hot cut t-shirt bags

2)  It has double heat and cut bars

3) It has double feeding motors, step motors or servo motors

4) It has double photocells, so it can track two printed mark at the same time


For 2), 3) and 4), it can seal and cut two lines of film at the one time, and both lines are film with printed mark or without printed mark.


5) It has Automatic inline puncher for two lines. At the puncher, it has automatic robot which can fold the bag in half, so it can store many ready bags on the conveyor of puncher

6) It has compressed air story tank, so it can keep the puncher and blower to work properly

7) It has stable heating temperature controlling

8) It has PLC controlling

9) It can work in high speed: Max. 450 printed t-shirt bag per minute


Main Specification:

HT-DGHQ-400 x 2
HT-DGHQ500 x 2
Max. Cutting width (MM):
360 x 2 lines
460 x 2 lines
Max. Cutting length (MM):
Cutting thickness
0.01 ~ 0.04 (single layer)
Cutting speed (cycle/minute/line):
220 cycle per minute and per line (440 bags per minute)
Back feeding motor
200 W D.C MOTOR X 2
Film pulling motor
Step motor x 2 or servo motor x 2
Power of main motor (KW):
Control way to main motor
A.C inverter
Heater power (KW)
Number of working line
2 lines (printed colors or natural color)
In-line Auto. Puncher
Included, two air cylinders
Die-cutter of Puncher
4 PCS included
Belt Drving Motor of Puncher
0.75 KW
Pneumatic Driver of Puncher
10 Tons x 2
Air Compressor
Not included
Weight (KG)
Dimension (L x W x H) (M)
5.5 x 1.3 x 1.6
5 x 1.6 x 1.6

High Speed T-shirt bag Making Machine
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