Automatic paper roll paper glass cover making machine

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Main parameter:


Automatic Paper Roll Paper Glass Cover Making Machine
Raw MaterialOne-side or two side (polyethylene)film coated/laminated paper

(Like the PE coated paper; PLA paper; card boad paper with film)

Paper Lid Size
Total Weight
Power source

380V 3-phase, 50Hz

* if User power different? Please INFO US IN ADVANCE.

Total Power
Work power12kw
Packing size
3350 x 1400x 1900 mm


New model PL-145 high speed paper roll paper glass cover machine was developed on the basis of our company’s medium speed machine, with reference to the function of the paper cup forming machine and characteristics of the paper lid production efficiency. It is the best equipment for producing paper conatiner lid, instant juice cup lid, coca cola cup lid and other paper container lid.

Advantage and improvement:

1, Paper Roll Feeder

It is very stable for feeding the paper,less wastage.

No need cut the paper sheet put the machine

2: Save Cost 

This machine worker cost is reduce more, also it is more less cost for paper material. 

3, Self-lubrication system

Adopt self-lubrication system (auto oil circle system), automatic lubricate the move parts(bearing, axis, cam, chain, etc), keep the machine long life time (more durable) and reduce the manual maintenance, reduce the friction between the parts. So the machine can be maintained without manually fueling.

4,PLC program control system, Intelligent control the movement, easy operate and maintenance, Keep the machine runs smoothly, less fault and less wastage.

Paper Lid Process

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Automatic paper roll paper glass cover making machine
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